Some of the Best Movies on Jason Statham

Some of the Best Movies on Jason Statham

Here the list of top action movies of Jason Statham

                                                                        The Mechanic 2011

The-Mechanic-2011This is an action thriller movie about Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham). He is the best elite killer out there. He carries out his assignments with utmost precision, without leaving a trace. When his teacher and friend Harry (Donald Sutherland) is murdered, he decides to change his life. His mission is complicated when Harry’s son Steve (Ben Foster) approaches him with a request to learn the ropes. If you are a Hollywood movie lover. Get here free streaming of adventure FLIXTOR MOVIES and Best 2020/2021 films in HD.





             Transporter 2002

TranspoterThis movie is about Former Special Forces operator Frank Martin. He lives what appears to be a quiet life on the shores of the French Mediterranean. He works as a transporter. A mercenary who moves goods from one place to another. Always without questions. Frank, who in his equipped Mercedes goes on secret and sometimes dangerous missions, adheres to a strict set of 3 rules that he never breaks. Rule number one: Never change the deal. Two: Skip names, Frank doesn’t want to know who he works for or what he’s transporting. Three: Never see what’s inside the package. Frank’s most recent upload appears to equal the countless packages he has delivered in the past.



                                                                       Death Race 2008


This movie is about the adventure of prisoner Jensen Ames who must race to survive. In the near future, disproportionate industrialization moves, unplanned unscheduled growth, and uncontrolled population growth are disrupting living conditions day by day. The consumer society’s unbridled passion for shopping has led to devastation. Due to excessive industrialization, high population growth, and crazy consumption habits, our world becomes a garbage dump, and of course, there is a wild human race on it. The rulers of a prison full of ferocious criminals have found a way to make money. It’s like a kind of gladiator game, racing criminals to death and making money on them. This excessive greed for profit caused great decay in society. Among these prisoners who have a desire for violence and fight to the death. The car racer Jensen Ames, who won three championships, has been the target of the executives with the title that cannot be killed. He has two options: either stay in the place where he was jailed for a murder he did not commit or survive by killing every prisoner he comes across.


                    Blitz 2011blitz

In this movie, Detective Sergeant Brant (Jason Statham) is on fire after he misbehaves towards the police psychiatrist. Inspector Roberts’ wife is killed in a gruesome car accident and Detective Falls is still trying to find her feet as the only black female detective. But when a serial killer called the “blitz” targets cops, it doesn’t make things any easier for the three of them.

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